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 First, An Introduction

Wellspring Gardens is an up and coming organic market garden located on Leader Road in Laurentian Hills. It is owned and operated by me, Sheila Selby, and my husband Joe Renaud, both of us long-time residents of the area. I’m the gardener and Joe the invaluable infrastructure guy. Together we’ve turned under two acres of field for cultivation, installed an irrigation system, built a solarium/greenhouse and installed a pig enclosure and condo for our porky friends who come in the spring to turn over next year’s plot and disappear mysteriously in the fall after harvest! So after three years of dreams, schemes and preparations, we’re ready to launch! This summer we are offering our first CSA program with a limited membership of twenty families.

Our Mission

To provide fresh, locally grown produce using sustainable agricultural practices and promote farmland as a community resource through ecotourism and education.

About CSA

Community Supported Agriculture is a small-farm model where consumers purchase a share of the bounty in the spring in exchange for weekly baskets of fresh, inseason veggies throughout the summer and fall. The benefits are numerous.

Farmers can plan their numbers with certainty and spend time growing, rather than marketing. Consumers receive a wide variety of fresh, organic vegetables, traceable from field to fork. Communities see dollars returned to the local economy. Heirloom and heritage seeds are featured and thereby preserved. Members get to sample food outside of the mainstream offerings.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by vance gutzman on June 13, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    those tiny turnips i bought at the farmer’s market last weekend were awesome. can’t wait for the yellow beans!


    • Glad you enjoyed them. That particular kind is called Hakurei. We’ll likely have Scarlet Queen turnips at the next market. Yellow beans coming down the pipe in about a month 🙂


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