Quick Summer Turnip and Apple au Gratin

As I was getting my CSA baskets ready this week I noticed that the Scarlet Queen and Tokyo Cross turnips were on the wane. A couple of test bites confirmed that the texture was definitely firmer and less juicy than the previous week. Quick! To the kitchen to see whether they’re salvageable! Desperation being the step-mother of invention, the following recipe resulted.

1 bunch of salad turnips

2 tart apples

2 or 3 spring onions

1 T honey

2 or 3 T apple cider vinegar

1 or 2 T butter

Salt and pepper

Thinly slice or matchstick the turnip. Steam in microwave or on stovetop for a minute to soften slightly. Sauté turnip, apple and onions until golden. Grind pepper and salt over the mixture. Add vinegar and honey. Cover and continue cooking on low heat for a few more minutes or until the glaze has thickened.


1 cup fresh bread crumbs (I used rye bread)

2 T butter

1 t summer savoury

1/2 cup cheddar cheese


Heat butter in a skillet over medium-low heat. Toss in crumbs and summer savoury. Toast until golden. Remove from heat and lightly stir in grated cheese. Top the turnip mix with the crumb mix and serve.


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