Basket #4

Hello All,

With August just around the corner, the weather seems to be leveling out somewhat. If we can believe the Weather Network, we are in for a couple of weeks of fairly warm dry weather. I’ll hardly know what to do with myself! I may even be able to retire my rubber boots for the rest of the summer.

There have been some sightings this week in the garden of things to come…the first handful of Sungold cherry tomatoes (from among the hundreds of green tomatoes just waiting for the sun to do its work), a snack-size picking of pole beans every couple of days… It also looks as though the potato beetles trashing my  “designer” eggplants have succumbed to my daily seek and destroy missions, and we  may eventually see some multi-coloured mini fruit down the road.

More seeds are on the way for a late planting of beets to see us into October. We’ll soon be putting in second plantings of some of the cool weather crops that failed this spring due to, need I say it, rain—rapini, Asian greens, arugula, spinach (no word of a lie, this will be the fourth attempt at spinach), more lettuces, radishes and perhaps some pak choi grown under less stressful conditions.

Meanwhile, I look forward to your visits each week and your support.

Basket #4

1 quart of new potatoes

1 bag salad greens

2 bunches carrots (sticks and stones…you’ll see why!)

2 bulbs garlic



Italian parsley



Your weekly baskets are an invitation to freestyle it a bit with your ingredients. That being said, it can be daunting to encounter items like kale, all frilly and saucy and full of goodness but still a mystery veggie to many! I’ve included a couple of recipes to pique your culinary interest …

Read about the health benefits of kale (Chatelaine – Eat more leafy greens…

 Zuppa Toscana (your kale bunch is relatively small so I’d halve the recipe. You could also include some of the carrots) 

Kale, Potato and Onion Frittata


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