Earth’s Child


The solitude of gardening invites introspection. Every once in a while I lie back in the rows and just let the earth cradle me. The connection is powerful…

Earth’s Child

Touch me
Spread your cloak beneath me
And gather me
Into your presence. 

Open me
Sow your seeds upon me
And fill me
With your essence. 

Whisper me
Life’s secrets
Then free my words
That I may share them. 

Breathe in me
Our souls to mingle
And mine to take
For safe-keeping. 

Beckon me
And through my life
I’ll walk with you
To journey’s end. 

Sheila Selby


2 responses to this post.

  1. It is so easy to love this poem, and feel comfortable with someone that loves this earth as I do. Some people tell me I’m crazy when I try to explain that land has a spirit, but that’s okay with me. Most of my ancestors were farmers – I live on a ranch – and I understand how you feel. Good work!


  2. I’m glad you felt the connection. I believe that the further we separate ourselves from the land, the more unwell we become. I’ve lived and thrived in a city (Québec, but there was plenty of green space and it was only a short drive to our lakeside property from there!


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