You’ve Put the “Support” in Community Supported Agriculture!

Can it really be four weeks since we handed out the first baskets?! Apparently so, and it seems a good time to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. Although you “supported” with your wallets in the spring, your words of encouragement have been worth as much again, especially given the uphill battle to produce since the excessively wet start to the season. I enjoy our weekly chats at the wash station and the feedback you provide.

Member involvement is always encouraged and welcome here on the farm. We like to think of the CSA membership as a community and this as “your” farm. Children are more than welcome. Hopefully the upcoming generation will be more informed than most of us were about where their food comes from and the sustainable use of resources.

Thanks to those of you who have volunteered to weed, harvest and process. Thanks also for the donations of manure, bags and baskets (we can also reuse elastic bands). It doesn’t take long to save the equivalent of a package of seeds by reusing items.

Keep up the good work!

I realized after posting that I had forgotten to thank one very important participant. My granddaughter Caila, although not a CSA member, completed the majority of her volunteer hours for high school pounding in tomato stakes and weeding lettuce. She has ordered a basket of well-earned produce to be delivered to her in Almonte this weekend. It will include some of the direct fruits of her labours…tomatoes!


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