Got Hangers-On?

Veggie Frittata

I know from personal experience that the lovely vegetables we take home  with every intention of transforming into culinary delights sometimes get sidelined in the crisper for a week or more. Here at the farm it’s particularly true because we try to use all of the “dent and scratch” produce that doesn’t make the grade.  One of my favourite ways to incorporate them into the menu is to make a vegetable-based frittata for breakfast or brunch or even a light supper. Basically a frittata is an open-faced omelette which you can either finish under the broiler or by covering with a lid to set the eggs. A simple how-to can be found at (This might be a handy link to bookmark if you’re planning to buy organic free-range eggs from us this fall).

Here’s my version, but feel free to freestyle with whatever vegetables and seasonings you have on hand:

Sauté in order of tenderness (start with beans, finish with zucchini):

Pole beans
Hungarian hot wax pepper
Garlic scapes
Bunching onions

Beat two eggs with a few tbsp of milk or cream. Pour over tender vegetables, top with cheese then cover and continue to cook over medium-low heat until set.


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