Basket #7

Hello Everyone,

Let me start out by thanking you all for your wonderful participation so far this season. You’ve all been very conscientious about getting your baskets picked up by friends or family while you’re away and making arrangements if you can’t make it on Thursdays. I also really enjoy our veranda and wash station chats and the positive feedback you’ve provided. The local food movement is definitely alive and well here in the area!

Garden update:

10-ft poles, what was I thinking!

The garden is in transition for the next couple of weeks. The first plantings of lettuce, pak choi, Asian greens, turnips and radishes have been cleared and tilled to make room for some fall crops. The newly vacated garlic beds were quickly converted to Asian greens, arugula, cress, pak choi, kohlrabi and a second planting of bunching onions and basil. More lettuce, some heads and some for cutting, have gone in along with additional parsley. Spinach, a most reluctant crop this year, has sprung up practically overnight in the three fields where I planted it (I really covered my bases this time) so we can expect it to vie with kale as a regular feature once it gets to cutting height. We’ve also seeded more beets, chard, rapini, salad turnips and radishes.

 The first cucumber transplants, planted out at the lower end of the driveway field in June, sat in water for too long and have only managed to throw out straggly vines with a few misshapen cucumbers. The second planting has already surpassed it and is pushing out fuzzy little cukes. The second planting of bush beans is thriving and flowering alongside the stunted and yellowing first generation.  Timing, apparently, is everything!

The peppers have begun producing so it will be a race to the first frost to see if we can get a full harvest.  Tomatoes are ripening in increasing numbers as the days go by and I’ve been keeping my eye on some rather heavy beefsteaks that are showing their first blush of colour.  We’re planning to prolong the tomato harvest this year by moving as many plants as we can into the greenhouse at the first frost warning. The heat-loving eggplants are beginning to flower and may have to take refuge under some row cover to produce their fruit now that the weather is cooling…


Basket #7

1 quart potatoes
1 bunch carrots
Beets or chard
Cooking onions (two or three depending on size)
Beans or extra carrots
Chokecherry syrup (for the five half-shares only)

It’s easy to accumulate veggies in the crisper if you’re on vacation or it’s too hot to cook. Here’s a quick preparation that will free up some fridge space:

Veggie Frittata

Zucchini Bruschetta

This is a family favourite (even among the anti-zucchini faction):

Cut a medium-sized zucchini in half lengthwise. Brush it with olive oil (seasoned if you wish) and grill the cut side on the bbq until slightly golden. I use the unheated side of the grill to prevent burning. Flip it over and put your favourite bruschetta (use your tomatoes, basil and garlic) topping on the cut side. Close the lid and continue to grill until cheese is melted (or topping is heated through if you don’t use cheese). The zucchini should be tender but firm.

While you’ve got the grill heated up you might like to try

Grilled Carrots


Grilled Green Beans with Gorgonzola Vinaigrette

See you at the farm!


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