Basket #12

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you’re all enjoying these warm September days as much as I am. I’m looking at it as nature’s belated apology for the cool, soggy beginning to the season! 

Our efforts to get everything covered before the frost paid off this week with a bountiful harvest of yellow wax beans, a good number of cucumbers and a few zucchini (some of the zucchini plants were simply too massive to cover effectively). The tomatoes were hit and miss, with maybe half surviving the frost and the rest succumbing to the chilly temperatures, which means we have green tomatoes for any of you that are feeling experimental.

 I tried the green tomato pie (hyperlink below) and it was amazing. A couple of people taste tested it and thought it was apple or rhubarb! The Web abounds with recipes for green tomato spice cake, salsa, fried green tomatoes, fried green tomato pie…really, your imagination is the only limit! If you have any ideas to add, I’d be delighted to post them on the farm blog. Meanwhile, the Wellspring test kitchen is in full swing! 

Other hardier crops are flourishing, including red pak choi, arugula, Asian greens and summer/salad turnips, beets, cabbage, broccoli and a second planting of Purple Haze and Rainbow carrots. We’ve begun bringing in the potatoes and the season is fast approaching for Jerusalem artichokes (these lovely tubers have been in residence here since the first time Joe and I lived at this address, 24 years ago, when they were transplanted from Balmer’s Bay). We’ll also have some fresh horseradish which we discovered in such an obscure place that it may well have been planted by the original owners of the farm. Or perhaps it took root when someone trying to eradicate the tenacious plant tossed it carelessly up the hill! 

On the chicken front, we’ve all but completed the conversion of one of the stable stalls to a winterized coop. I’m pleased to report that all of the materials were recycled bits and pieces from around the property. This is a pilot project involving only 25 laying hens. If all goes well, we’ll up production in 2012 to 100 (the maximum for farm gate sales) and offer organic free run eggs as well 🙂 

Basket #12

1 qt yellow beans
1 qt red potatoes
1 bag arugula
1 bunch carrots
4 small heads garlic
1 bunch French Breakfast radishes
1 or 2  cucumbers
1 bunch kale or leeks
1 bouquet parsley
1 item from extras bin (might be zucchini, green tomatoes, wax beans,  leeks, kale, carrots, peppers, tomatoes…) 

Some serving ideas: 

Green Tomato Pie (I added the rind and juice of one lemon, a couple of tablespoons of butter and an extra tablespoon of flour)

Potato Leek Soup

Main dish salad – Mustard Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Arugula, Red Onion and Wax Beans

Kyle Bailey’s Butter-Poached Radishes 

See you at the farm!



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