Basket #13

 Hello Everyone, 

With the growing season winding down in the gardens, the pressing tasks have shifted from maintaining the crops to cleaning up and preparing for next year’s gardens. I confess to a certain melancholy as I see beds of plants browning and returning to the earth…it seems such a short time ago that I was nurturing tender shoots in the greenhouse.

 But fall also brings with it a renewed sense of purpose. The lessons of 2011 are already being applied to the upcoming season: ditches and drainage – got to have them in place for next spring since we garden in a clay-bottomed bowl; opening up new areas for cultivation – we need more room; gathering manure and building a huge composter – fertility on organic farms is an ongoing endeavour. The list goes on. 

Meanwhile, the cold-hardy crops are still providing splashes of green in the gardens and will be making appearances in your baskets over the next few weeks. 

Basket #13

1 qt potatoes
1 pt Jerusalem artichokes
1 bag Asian greens
1 bunch carrots
1 bunch leeks
1 bunch baby pak choi
1 bunch kale or mixed greens
Dill or coriander
2 items from choice bin (zucchini, yellow beans, broccoli, beets) 

Serving ideas: 

Wilted Asian Greens (Fresh Asian greens are quite peppery and combine well with fruit in a salad. Try topping a bed of greens with sliced peaches, pears or nectarines and dress with a fruit sauce (chokecherry syrup maybe) mixed with oil and your favourite vinegar. Top  with toasted nuts (for extra decadence, sauté nuts in butter, sugar and ginger).

Jerusalem artichokes or Sunchokes

Sautéed Jerusalem Artichokes with Garlic and Bay Leaves (Jamie Oliver) 

Roasted Sunchoke and Mushroom Bisque ( is a marvelous, well-written food blog worth adding to your favourites)

See you at the farm!


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