Nocturnal Balm

Québec 2003

After hours of being cocooned in the warmth and closeness of my downtown condo, how wonderful it is to lift my gaze to the window that gives onto the northern cityscape and be drawn out through the glistening black pane, through the stark lacework of nude maple branches and into the crisp, pure clarity of the winter night. A glinting vista of lights sweeps away before my eyes, undulating down into the valley and up the other side to disappear into the slumbering black mountains. Each time it takes my breath away, this small slice of grandeur that awaits my chance passing in front of the window to delight and anoint me anew with its serenity. The heart that once beat only for the star-strewn ink of a country sky now throbs with a new love for this urban, nocturnal balm.


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