Intern Introductions – Summer 2012

Although it’s not quite spring yet, new beginnings are already happening on the farm. We’re delighted to announce that we have signed up two sustainable agriculture interns for summer 2012, both with origins in Southern Ontario. You’ll get a chance to show them a warm Valley welcome on basket pick-up days and at the Deep River Farmers’ Market this summer.

Amanda hails from Toronto and has a long-held dream of becoming an organic farmer. In her own words, she is a “mellow person looking to begin a journey toward a natural lifestyle.” She has already begun her quest with a stint at Everdale Organic Farm in Hilsburgh, ON, where she was introduced to weeding, harvesting and transplanting. She is no stranger to hard physical labour and earned her keep while Wwoofing across Canada last year by hauling rocks and fenceposts, prepping garden beds, collecting eggs and more. She is looking forward to getting her hands in the dirt and living in an intentional community. Amanda will see us through to the end of October and experience a full growing season.

Shaliz, although a resident of Ajax, comes to us this summer from the Algonquin College campus in nearby Pembroke, where she is enrolled in the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program. Although she will graduate as a fully qualified outdoor adventure guide, her dream is to heal people by bringing them into contact with the earth. She brings with her a boundless enthusiasm for learning and exploration and a deep empathy for all of nature, human and otherwise. She is qualified in Standard First Aid, Swift Water Rescue and Wilderness First Aid and has her “Leave no Trace” certification as well. Although she returns to her studies at the end of August, we hope she’ll be able to visit often in the fall to experience the grand finale after her summer’s work and reap some of the autumn veggie rewards.

As interns on a C.R.A.F.T. farm, Amanda and Shaliz will visit other farms in the area to broaden their experience and interact with other interns. They will also take part in organizing and hosting our own C.R.A.F.T. farm tour at Wellspring Gardens.

We at Wellspring Gardens extend them a warm and enthusiastic welcome and commit to helping them along the path to their goals. Together we’ll make summer 2012 one to remember!


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