Really lame harvest puns…best read when you’re sunburnt, dehydrated, working 12 hours and have no social media at hand

After harvesting and processing greens late into the evening in the rain…it’s been a chard day’s night.

Amongst our bilingual harvesters after being instructed, once again, to get the bunches right…if you want to harvest beets, you “betterave” a good bunching technique.

If you’ve lost your water bottle in the rows…it’ll turnip somewhere.

The farmer, after too much slacking off to think up new puns…lettuce get back to work.

When inspecting for potato beetles…time to turn over a new leaf.

Thinking of new ways to preserve herbs… if I could save thyme in a bottle…

To a fellow harvester fiddling with his iPod: “Whatcha listening to?”

“Can’t tell, the headphones aren’t working.”

“Must be baroque!”

Contemplating a bed needing to be rid of thistles…weed better get at it. Thistle keep us busy all morning.



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